President Andrew Porteous (Bristol)
Immediate Past President Andrew Price (Oxford)
Secretary Alex Dodds (Cheltenham)

Treasurer Leela Biant (Edinburgh)
Research Andrew Metclalfe (Exeter)
Education James Murray (Bristol)
Webmaster Ram Venkatesh (Leeds)
Chapter H EWG Coding lead Divya Prakash (Sandwell)
Registries secretary Vacant pending appointment
Editor The Knee Journal Caroline Hing (London)
Executive member at Large Kash Akhtar (London)
Early years consultant member Chloe Scott (Edinburgh)
Early years consultant member David Elson (Gateshead)

The President of BASK holds the post for a 2 year period following election. As well as their Executive committee role they host the BASK conference in their final year of office. Their term starts at the BOA conference after election at the Spring BASK conference.

Current President
Mr Andrew Porteous 2020 – 2021

Immediate Past President
Prof Andrew Price 2018-2020

Past Presidents

Mr Colin Esler 2016-2018

Mr Richard Parkinson 2014 – 2016

Prof Simon Donell 2012 – 2014
Mr Timothy Wilton 2010 – 2012
Mr Chris Dodd 2008 – 2010
Mr Nick Fiddian 2006 – 2008
Mr Robin Allum 2004 – 2006
Mr Neil Thomas 2002 – 2004
Mr Malcolm Glasgow 2000 – 2002
Mr John Newman 1998 – 2000
Mr David Dandy 1996 – 1998
Mr Jonathan Noble 1994 – 1996
Mr Paul Aichroth 1992 – 1994
Mr R Denham 1990 – 1992
Mr Lorden Trickey 1988 – 1990
Mr W Waugh 1986 – 1988
Mr Adrian Henry 1984 – 1986

The Secretary organises the programmes for the annual Spring meeting and BOA congress knee day, along with any other academic knee meetings that BASK is involved in (e.g. ESSKA). They organise the BASK AGM and Executive meetings, including the agenda, minutes and booking of venues. The BASK secretary liaises with the BOA and other specialist societies including international knee societies. They are also responsible for communicating with the membership on all BASK matters including selection of travelling fellowships and research grants. The post requires a reasonable commitment of time but is hugely rewarding.

The tenure of the secretary is for 3 years.

Current Honorary Secretary

Mr Alex Dodds 2019 –

Past Honorary Secretaries
Mr Tony Hui 2016 – 2019

Mr Colin Esler 2013 – 2016
Mr Gautam Chakrabarty 2011 – 2013
Mr Timothy Wilton – 2011
Mr Roger Smith 2003 –
Mr Robin Allum 1999 – 2003
Mr Nick Fiddian 1996 – 1999
Mr Neil Thomas 1993 – 1996
Mr M Harding 1990 – 1993
Mr John Ireland 1986 – 1990
Mr A Hall 1984 – 1986

The Treasurer is responsible for running the financial affairs of BASK, this includes day to day management especially for collection of membership fees and keeping the books up to date. The duties also involve ensuring oversight of the finances of each BASK annual congress. Finally, management of additional funding for the various fellowships that BASK supports.

The tenure of the Treasurer is for 3 years.

Current Honorary Treasurer
Mr Alasdair Santini 2020-

Past Honorary Treasurers
Miss Leela Biant 2014-2019

Mr Richard Parkinson 2008 – 2014
Mr Colin Esler 2004 – 2008
Mr Tim Wilton 1999 – 2004
Mr Derek Bickerstaff 1995 – 1999
Mr Colin Fergusson 1992 – 1995
Mr A Jackson 1988 – 1992
Mr F Heatley 1982 – 1988

The post holder will be expected to play a full role in Exec meetings and general Exec duties, responsibilities and tasks. They are be expected to have input into the content of BASK meetings as well as sessions that BASK are asked to provide at other meetings e.g.BOA/ESSKA. Responsibility for responding to issues that are raised relating to knee education either internally at BASK or via other agencies such as BOA/SAC. Co-ordinating /facilitating BASK work on projects such as Knee Wikipaedics. Providing “knee opinion” to other agencies such as SAC regarding knee surgery e.g. regarding indicative numbers, logbooks, PBA’s, effect of NJR on training. Provide input regarding Knee Fellowships and BASK support for training opportunities for consultants and trainees.

Tenure of post: 3 years

Current Education Secretary
Mr James Murray

Past Education Secretaries
Mr Andrew Porteous

Mr Andrew Price
Mr Phil Hirst
Mr Derek Bickerstaff 2002 – 2004
Mr Chris Dodd 1998 – 2002
Mr Robin Allum 1995 – 1998
Mr A Jackson 1992 – 1995

The Research Lead has responsibility for defining the BASK research direction in association with the other members of the BASK executive team. They coordinate, collaborate and communicate research priorities within the BOA, NIHR, BASK membership and other subspecialty groups. They run the appointment process for the BASK research fellow. They set the knee research agenda by initiating the use of Priority Setting Partnerships and subsequently organising, supporting, and encouraging high quality collaborative research across the UK.The tenure of the Research secretary is 3 years

Current Research representative

Mr Andrew Metcalfe

Past Research representative
Mr Andrew Toms 2017 -2019

Mr Andrew Price From – 2017

The current UK Editor of The Knee Journal sits on the Executive committee as the Editor in chief of The Knee. In this capacity they keep the committee updated on the developments with the journal in order to reflect the readers’ opinions. They give an annual report to the Committee on the Impact factor, reviewer times and results of the publisher’s meetings.

Current Editors
Ms Caroline Hing 2013 –
Oday Al-Dadah 2015 –

Past Editors
Dr J Stiehl (USA) 2013 – 2015
Dr Mike Ries (USA) 2006 – 2012
Prof Simon Donell 2005 – 2012
Mr John Newman 2000 – 2005
Mr Malcolm Glasgow 1994 – 1999
Dr Richard Laskin (USA) 1994 – 2006

The tenure of the Webmaster is for 5 years.

Current webmaster
Mr Ram Venkatesh

Past webmasters
Mr David Sands Johnson

The tenure of the post is for 3 years.

Current EWG coding lead

Mr Divya Prakash 2019- current date

Previous EWG coding leads

Mr David Sand Johnson 2017 – Current date

The assimilation and production of accurate, valid outcome data is an essential facet of a surgeon’s job plan. This position has the responsibility to oversee the establishment and running of the National registries relating to knee surgery. This will include systems for effective data collection and management, report generation and the integration with both industry and relevant (governmental and professional) organisations. An annual report of the progress and position of all registries is to be given at the annual congress.

Tenure of the post is to be decided.

Current Registries secretary
Post vacant

Previous Registries secretaries
Mr Sean O’Leary

There are posts on the BASK Executive in addition to the defined posts, who support the executive committee and membership in a number of roles. This has now been formalised and there will be a permanent post for an Executive member without a portfolio.

Current BASK Executive member
Alasdair Santini 2018 – 2021

Previous BASK Executive members
Mr Sanjeev Anand 2014 – 2017
Mr David Deehan From – 2014
Mr Colin Esler

The Junior Executive member are now two posts, the first created during 2010. The posts are aimed to encourage newly appointed consultants (within 5 years of starting a substantive post) to become involved in BASK, with a view to continuing to be involved throughout their career. The post is tenable for two years, but is appointed annually to allow handover of duties. Their principal role is to assist the Education Secretary and attend the four BASK Executive meetings (two of which are held during the BASK / BOA annual meetings). The Executive are especially appreciative of the energy and enthusiasm that our younger colleagues bring to the Society.

Current Junior Executive members
Mr Kash Akhtar 2019 – current date
Miss Chloe Scott 2019 – 2021

Previous Junior Executive members
Mr David Elson 2017 – 2019

Mr Alex Dodds 2016 – 2018

Mr Adil Ajuied 2014 – 2016
Mr Will Jackson 2013 – 2016
Miss Leela Biant 2012 – 2014
Mr David Houlihan-Burne 2011 – 2013

The post of Editorial secretary no longer exists within BASK.

Previous Editorial secretaries
Mr Roger Smith 1998 – 2002
Mr David Barrett 1995 – 1998
Mr I Forster 1992 – 1995
Mr Malcolm Glasgow 1987 – 1992
Mr Paul Aichroth 1981 – 1987

The post of Meetings organiser no longer exists within BASK. The duties are now shared amongst the BASK Executive and BASK secretariat.

Previous Meetings organisers
MrI Stother 1995 – 1998
Mr Malcolm Glasgow 1992 – 1995

The administrative centre for BASK is held within the offices of the British Orthopaedic Association.

The current BASK administration is managed by Hazel Choules and Samantha Carroll.