BASK is reviewing all aspects of assessment, treatment and follow up of knee conditions during the COVID-19 crisis. Items of relevance will appear on this page as and when new guidance is created. Please keep reviewing this information as guidance is changing on a daily basis.

BASK is fully supportive of the UK Government’s endeavours to limit spread of COVID-19, see below for our support of the concept of Social distancing. BASK members are all taking part in the UK response to COVID-19, which will see its members performing many different roles as the pandemic develops.

There are concerns about the use of steroid injections into any joint where there is a risk of COVID-19 infection along with NSAID use. This is particularly the case as patients may not have access to the usual channels of assessment and treatment advice. BASK have created some guidance on the use of steroid injections into the knee / NSAID use during this time and this information may be downloaded by Clicking here

BASK is fully supportive of the UK Government’s endeavours to reduce the speed of transmission of COVID-19. Social distancing is aimed at flattening the curve of infection. This will help prevent the NHS becoming overwhelmed with cases presenting in a short time period. It relies on every single member of the public doing their bit to help. If you don’t understand how social distancing works Click here to see a video which explains the theory in easy to understand terms. Please share this video, stay home and stay safe!