In response to the publication of a series of clinical trials and editorials, the need for a national guideline on this topic was identified as a priority by the BASK research committee in 2016. The BASK Meniscal Working Group was subsequently formed in November 2016 and has, through the process summarised below, produced the attached guideline in its current format.

A summary of the guideline development is as follows:

(1) November 2016: Meniscal Working Group formed (21 surgeons).
(2) February 2017: First scoping meeting of group.
(3) March-May 2017: Delphi process generating definitions and classifications relevant to a guideline on the management of meniscal pathology: e.g. symptoms, signs, approach to imaging, imaging findings, patterns of meniscal tear, osteoarthritis.
(4) June-September 2017: Clinical scenario ratings exercise: treatment approach and ‘appropriateness’ of arthroscopic meniscal surgery for the management of a range of clinical scenarios prepared using the definitions and classifications from (3).
(5) November 2017: Meeting to finalise scenario ratings and discuss structure of guideline document.
(6) December-February 2018: Treatment flow chart developed using definitions and ratings output.
(7) March 2018: Approval of draft flow chart by Meniscal Working Group.
(8) March 2018: First presentation of draft flow chart at BASK annual meeting.
(9) May-July 2018 (now): Feedback collected from BASK membership.

All feedback will be reviewed and proposed amendments will be considered by the steering committee. We aim to publish the finalised document in August 2018.